Natalie Boden Inducted Into PRWeek Hall of Femme

We are proud to announce that Natalie Boden, President & Founder of BODEN, has been inducted into PRWeek’s 2020 Hall of Femme.

The Hall of Femme honors the industry’s best, paying homage to the female leaders who are transforming the industry and paving the way for younger generations.

Please click HERE to get to know this year’s honorees and learn more about their background, views and unique stories.

Here’s to the incredible women who continue to make a mark in our industry!

“As a Latina and an immigrant to the U.S., it fills me with immense pride to receive an honor like this. This is an important time for representation in our country and I’m committed to continuing to carry the torch on behalf of women in our profession as well as the Hispanic community,” Natalie Boden, President & Founder, BODEN.

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